Summary of the video below:

  1. We are very happy that our new fences are underway.
  2. Tomorrow afternoon the trenches will be dug. Due to which the ‘Kiss n Drop’ will be open in the morning but it will be closed from tomorrow afternoon.
  3. There will be no ‘Kiss n Drop’ from tomorrow afternoon until next week.
  4. We apologize for the inconvenience with the traffic but please wait in your car along Durrington Road and staff will assist your children to find your car.
  5. If you wish to leave your car and come into the School then please park along Fyfield road.
  6. Please avoid parking in front of neighbour’s driveways.
  7. If you wish to delay collecting your children for the next three afternoons, that will help us.

If some of your friends from the School community do not access School Stream or Facebook, could you please ring them and let them know. Thank you!

Be patient and safe!

Playford College