Summary of the video attached:

  1. We have started Term 3 strong with over 360 students. It was great to see their smiling faces.
  2. We now have another bus run.
  3. The fences around the School has been completed with only the electronics left to be completed.
  4. The junior primary playground is just about to start
  5. The new green turf between the Middle School and Upper Primary buildings is very popular now. Thank you Board for making that possible during last holidays, the children love this area.
  6. Three reminders:
    1. Monday, 27th July is photo day. Please send your children in their winter uniform looking very nice.
    2. Friday, 31st July is Eid Al-Adha and is a student free day.
    3. Playgroup has started and there are new families joining the playgroup with two new families who do not have children in School. Playgroup runs Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9am to 11am.

Have a great weekend and wish you a beautiful Eid Al-Adha!