Dear parents and care givers,

We hope you are enjoying the extra week of holidays with your children.

Meanwhile, staff members are very busy getting ready for online learning to be continued from the beginning of Term 2. We are very proud of HOW our STAFF:
* kept teaching smaller classes while also providing online learning for those at home in the last weeks of Term 1
* learned to understand and successfully use Zoom, Class Dojo, Google Classroom, SeeSaw, blogs and other platforms at very short notice
* prepared and delivered MiniLit and MacqLit lessons online for specific groups of students
* prepared booklets of learning for our younger students
* have stayed in contact with students and supported families
* in the front office who have assisted families downloading apps, understanding technology, advising on family matters and translating for teachers
* prepared support learning materials to accompany lessons and booklets
* created individual and group email addresses at short notice to stay in touch
* investigated SMS systems to support families

Playford College is blessed with a dedicated, professional, generous and creative staff who work together as a strong team for the benefit of our students and families. We have been well ahead of most schools in South Australia with our approach to online learning even though we are regarded as a disadvantaged school. Playford College was enjoying a wonderful Term 1 until the coronavirus arrived.

Yesterday, we had a visit from ABC News and they may include a short profile of how the Playford College staff and students have responded to COVID-19 in their news service at 7:00pm tonight.

Congratulations to our parents who have suddenly become ‘teachers’ using the learning materials provided by our staff and who are doing a super job to keep the learning happening at home. When school finally resumes, whenever that will be, I am sure every parent throughout the world will be in awe and reverence of teachers and support staff who educate children and young people in schools all day, every day.

We will contact families to find out families who do not have the technology at home to support online learning because school will still be open for children of essential workers and those who cannot learn at home.

Continue to be safe by isolating at home. Living in South Australia feels very safe compared to most parts of the world.

Kind regards,

Chris and Racha