Dear parents and care givers

Racha, Shafaq and I sent a message via School Stream and Facebook yesterday about the need to keep everyone as safe as possible with the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Following is a summary in writing.

A number of families have expressed concern about students returning to school immediately after returning from overseas.
The Board considered this dilemma at its meeting last night and has resolved:
1. Our first priority must be to keep all children and families safe
2,  Children returning from overseas must have 14 days away from school from the day they arrive in Australia
3. Children must visit a doctor and be symptom free before returning to school.
The Board also encourages any students with flu-like symptoms to remain at home. At school we will remind children about the importance of washing their hands and other hygiene matters.
We are sure our families will appreciate this strict procedure for the benefit of the Playford College community.
Yours sincerely
Racha Makki and Chris Riemann