Dear Parents,

Salam Alaikum

we have increased the

number of students coming

to school by bus –

there are now 110 children

using a school bus.

This has made it

necessary to get another bus –

there are now 5 buses operating.

This is a very big job for our new school.

It has been necessary

to make many changes so

that we can pick up these

extra students and we seek

your patience and understanding.

There are new bus routes

and new bus drivers.

The buses are all 95 – 100% full.

The bus drivers have practised

their new bus runs today,

and we hope to improve

transport times during the first week.

It is important for families

to be at their bus stop

5 minutes before time.

Bus drivers have been instructed

to wait no more than 2 minutes

after the pick up time.

If your pick up time is,

for example 8.00 and

the bus driver arrives at

8.00 and you are not there,

the driver will wait until 8.02 .

If you have not arrived by this

time the driver will message the school –

this will automatically show the time

to prove when the driver is

leaving that bus stop.

If you are late you will miss the bus.

During the first week of school

the bus drivers will get a

better feel of the times and

we can adjust the times –

we are hopeful the

end result will be better for everyone.

We have used a computer program

that has matched every

student to the closest possible

bus stop that we use.

I will be sending out

more Bus Newsletters to let

families know which

bus stop to go to and

what time to be there.

I will be doing this

during the week-end.

I will be sending out more newsletters –

please look carefully to make sure

your children are waiting

at the right bus stop.

If we have made a mistake,

I apologise – let us know

and we will aim to

correct if possible.

During the first week

we will make adjustments

and hopefully,

by the second week of school,

every bus will be operating smoothly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mr Mayer