School Leadership is sharing following points in the video:

  1. School Remains Open: Staff members are offering strong teaching and learning for our students.
  2. Teachers are doing great work with teaching at School and sending work home for the many children not attending.
  3.  Teachers are preparing for the time when schools are shut by the government.

Parents with children at home:

  1. Children MUST be doing school work – Check ClassDojo, Seesaw and Google Classroom for ideas, work and lessons please.
  2. Between lessons children should have snack breaks, run around in the home, read, play games and follow a schedule.
  3. Children are NOT ON HOLIDAYS for 2 more weeks and so need to be home learning.
  4. Children should have limited screen time and parents should check what students are watching.
  5. Children should not be playing with friends, or going to community gatherings. They should have a focus on family time and school lessons at home.
  6. Parents may need to buy books, pen, paper etc for children to work at home.

These are difficult times and we support families keeping their children in the safety of their homes.