Salam Alaikum

Jeans for Genes was established

in 1994 by Children’s Medical Research Institute

to fund revolutionary research that

helps diagnose, understand, and find

cures or treatments for conditions

affecting kids,

including genetic diseases,

cancer, and epilepsy.

1 in 20 kids is born

with a genetic disease or

birth defect. You likely know

and care about someone affected.

Genetic diseases are one

of the leading causes of death

in kids under four and the main cause

of ongoing hospitalisation.

To fight this epidemic, we need more research.

Tomorrow is

Jeans for Genes

at Playford College.

Children wishing to support

this fundraiser can come to

school tomorrow in casual clothes –

the theme is jeans.

Your child’s gold coin donation

will be forwarded to this charity

on behalf of Playford College.

We thank you for

choosing to support this charity.