Summary of the video:

  1. The last newsletter for Term 2 will be sent out on Friday. Many of the teachings and learning have been highlighted in this Newsletter.
  2. Reports for Junior Primary have been sent out yesterday and all other students including Middle School reports have been sent out today. We are very happy with the progress of our students. The reports have also been published to the Sentral parent portal.
  3. Year 5 and 6 are on an adventure camp.
  4. Friday this week (last week of School, Term 2) will be a casual day. Students will need to bring a gold coin donation if they will be dressed in casuals.
  5. We want you to enjoy your School holidays and spend time with your family.
  6. School starts for Term 3 on 21st July, Tuesday. Monday will be a student free day.
  7. By Term 3 the fences and gates project will be finishing with the electronics put in place and we will be a more safe and secure School

Have a good holiday!