Date: – 13/03/2019


Subject: Letter to Parents about LATENESS to pick up their child(ren)


Dear Parents and Care-Givers,


Playford College is pleased to provide a bus service for our families even though it comes at a great cost to the College.

Thank you to the vast majority of families who have their child(ren) at the agreed “bus stop” early/on time in the mornings and meet the bus on time every night.

Recently some families have been repeatedly late and this casual attitude is not appropriate and causes the bus timetable to have to change for other families.

Bus drivers have been instructed to do their best to be “on time” with collecting and delivering children. Parents are asked to BE EARLY. If a child is not at the stop in the morning at the right time, parents will need to bring the child to the College. If the designated parent, carer, guardian or emergency contact person is not at the bus stop in the afternoon, the child will remain on the bus and be returned to Playford College.

If no staff are at the College to assist the bus driver, the child will need to be taken to the Elizabeth Police Station for collection.

Access to a school bus is a privilege and we all need to work together to make this service function effectively.



Chris Riemann,


Playford College