Dear parents and caregivers,

Four years ago, Sheikh Idrees was invited to move to Adelaide to help establish a new Islamic school based on the traditions and understandings of the Jaafari School of thought. Having completed this task, working in partnership with the Board, staff and wider community, Sheikh Idrees has now answered the call from the Melbourne community to help create the 4th Islamic school that follows the Jaafari School of thought in Australia.

Sheikh is delighted with the progress of the faith and Australian Curriculum offering at Playford College and believes he can leave it in the safe hands of the current Board, staff and families. The Illumination Curriculum will still be offered with the same amount of lessons following the framework and guidelines set by Sheikh Idrees.

Sheikh Idrees has agreed to remain our advisor and counsellor on all matters of religious life at the College, which may need his wisdom and judgement. Even though he will reside in Melbourne, the Board and Leadership team will continue to seek his advice about future direction where needed.

The Board has granted Sheikh 12 months leave of absence from the College to help establish the school in Melbourne and it is our hope that he will return to Playford College during 2020.

The Leadership team and the Board of Playford College acknowledge the importance of having a replacement Sheikh for this one year. Conversations are progressing well between Sheikh Idrees, the Leadership Team, the Board and trusted Scholars about the qualities, training, experience, dedication, doctrine and faith of a Sheikh who will meet the needs of this young, fast growing and delightful College and things are progressing well.

Playford College is very grateful to Sheikh Idrees for the last four years and his dedication to work with the Board and Staff to help establish Playford College. There will be a farewell for Sheikh at the College on Thursday 08/08/19 at 2:45 pm.  Please join us to say ‘Thank You’ to Sheikh Idrees during this special time.

With blessings,

Chris Riemann and Playford College Board