05 August 2019

Locker Policy and Procedure

Dear parents and caregivers,

Assalaam o alaikum,

The College is very excited that our lockers for Middle School Students have been installed. This letter announces and explains the school locker policy for Playford College. The policy applies to all Middle School students.

• Students may keep only their personal belongings in the locker.
• Students can buy their own combination or key locks from the shops or they can buy one from the front office for $ 7.
• Any damaged or lost locks must be replaced by students at a cost of $7 per lock.
• Students are not allowed to open or attempt to open another student’s locker. All lockers are labelled.
• Students are responsible for all contents of the locker as well as the condition of the locker itself (inside and outside).
• Students use the lockers at their own risk. The school is not responsible for any loss of property kept in the locker.
• Students should not have an expectation of privacy for their locker and the lockers may from time to time be inspected. Lockers are the property of Playford College.
• Students cannot access a locker until they have a lock.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Riemann