Summary of the video:

  1. Riemann was away the last few weeks as he had an operation but now is grateful to be back and he is feeling much better.
  2. The JP Playground is well under way, it will have real grass and will be completed by the start of next term.
  3. The board has also approved the covered area outside the Prayer hall which will connect all the way to the JP playground. There will be turf laid all the way
  4. The main message we wanted to share with you in this video is that we already have 90+ expressions of interest from new and existing families to enroll their children next year at Playford College. If you or a family/friend is intending to start at Playford College please ask them to call and visit the school soon.
  5. Right now! There are 60+ students in Farsi classes enjoying their lessons and teachers are running a Jolly Phonics session for parents to enable them to help teach phonics to their children which is the basis of literacy.