Playford College Newsletter

Issue 4, 21th March 2019

Inna Lillahi Wainna ilayhi Rajioon. “Indeed we belong to Allah and to Him we indeed return.”(The Holy Quran 2:156)
We offer our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the recent New Zealand tragedy.
Imam Ali (AS) says: Be one of sweet patience in times of bitter matters. Islam teaches us to be merciful and forgiving like the Prophet (PBUH) and his progeny (AS). After the tragic event, let us be positive and ignore the negative people who exist in every community; they are in the minority. Instead, let us reflect on the heart-warming support Muslims received from our amazing people in Australia and New Zealand. In return, we should thank them and hold hands together against extremism and racism.
The reaction we witnessed after the incident, proved the majority of people in our country, don’t have a problem with Islam and they still live up to our humanitarian values of accepting our diversity and embracing multiculturalism. This is a great opportunity to work on destroying the walls of ignorance and to build bridges between us, rather than working on creating more problems in our societies. Sheikh Idrees.
It is with great sadness and sorrow that we send our condolences to our Muslim community for the terror attack that took place in Christchurch Mosques in New Zealand on Friday. Abdul Musa and Board

And, messages from the wider community……
“Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We love you and are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy in New Zealand. As people of faith, we stand in solidarity with our Muslim Brothers and Sisters against evil in any shape or form.
We will not build walls of mistrust, rather, open houses of welcome, warmth and love as fellow creatures of the Living God. Our prayers are with you and our hearts cry for your loss.
From the congregation and pastor at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Elizabeth. For and on behalf of the Church.” Greg Bensted – Pastor.

“Hello Chris, I am thinking of your school and sending a message of hope to you, the staff and the school families and community in the wake of the tragic events in New Zealand on Friday. I hope that the community will feel safe and accepted in this country where freedom of worship is to be respected and valued.” Barb

“Hi Chris. Thinking of you today as you go back to school. Please pass on our church family’s condolences and prayers to your school community.” Peter from Echunga Uniting Church Chairman

Please continue to pray for the families and community in New Zealand during difficult time.
Playford College staff


Year 2 and Year 3 Narnu Farm Camp

“My favourite activity was the playground because it was fun”. Ali M

 “I liked the hatchery because they were so fluffy. I liked the truck ride because we got to feed animals”. Yassamin

 “I loved the horse riding because it felt fun when it was bumping”. Arozoo

 “My favourite moment was tennis because it’s new to me and I learned something new”. Maqbul

 “My favourite activity was animal feeding because I have never fed animals. My second favourite activity was tennis because I like sports”. Wasee

 “I loved being at Narnu Farm because it was fun waking at night and chatting with my friends”. Mursalin

 “My favourite memory was horse riding because it was my first time and the horse was very bumpy and mine was very funny. It was very fun”. Zahra

 “My favourite thing was animal feeding. My favourite animals were the goats. We even got to feed them”. Asiya

“My favourite memory was horse riding because mine pooped and it went up and down”. Neda

 “I was very happy to feed the horses”. Ali A

 “My favourite moment was horse riding and truck riding because it was fun and I sat on the horse”. Qasim

 “At Narnu Farm we went animal feeding. We fed the cows, deer, lambs and goats”. Shae


Year 8 and 9 Victor Harbor Camp


“The boat ride was fabulous. The food tasted very good.”  Laith, Year 8

 “Camp was so much fun. We were so lucky that we saw dolphins!”  Fatimah, Year 8

 “Feeding the kangaroos was fun!”  Erfan, Year 8

“Camp was exciting, educational and interesting” Ayaan, Year 9

 “We had some fun with dolphins. Then we started going closer to the island where we saw the penguins and the seals. We learned quite a bit about them and went to shark alley.” Wajiha, Year 9

 “My favorite part of the camp was playing football.” Mohammad, Year 8


Students borrowing books from the Playford Mobile Library
Hi Chris, just to let you know that the first stop was a great success and I can’t wait till next fortnight.

At least 87 children borrowed (this is a rough number as I lost count as I was so busy). The children were very organised and most of them had their cards in their hands ready to borrow which made the process a lot easier for me. The Mobile Library is nearly empty of Children’s Fiction. The Reception and Year 1 classes borrowed the Children’s Picture Books.


Patrick O’connell | Library Officer – Mobile
City of Playford

The Year 2/3L class have reviewed the book, “Henry’s Pirate Adventure” by Livinia Nixon.

The students thought it was adventurous, the story was exciting and interesting, it was funny and it reminded Mrs Leckstrom of her childhood.

It reminded the students to use their imagination.


Playford College Calendar

20th Imam Ali internal celebrarion
21st Harmony Day
22nd Sports Day
26th Yr 1 Incursion – Police visit and Mobile Library
27th, 28th and 29th Yr 4 & 5 Illawonga camp
28th Minister of Education – John Gardner

2nd Board Meeting
3rd PC Parent Committee
4th 1A excursion to Fire Station
5th 1J excursion to Fire Station
9th Mobile Library
10th Celebration of birth of 5 Imams
10th & 11th Parent and teacher interviews
12th Last day of Term 1
29th Student Free Day

30th First day of school Term2