Dear parents and care givers

Thank you for your continued support of your children and Playford College. We are half way through a very busy term with strong and interesting learning.

We were privileged recently to have Constable Alisha Wood and Constable Jamal share with our Year 6-9 students about CYBER SAFETY.

Zainab Al Ali in year 7 reported, “Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and TicTok are some of the popular social media sites. But these sites can be a danger to young teens.
When the SA police came to visit our school to educate us about protecting ourselves from harmful people on social media, I learnt that you may not always know who you’re talking to on social media. You might think your talking to someone your age but in reality, you could be talking to a 60-year-old man.

In addition, I learnt that whenever you post something or Snapchat the social media site keeps it forever and can put it anywhere they want, because you agreed to the ‘terms and conditions.’

Another thing I learnt was that we should always have strong passwords, like ‘ChocolateBlueDuckCloud’. This password is strong because it is very unlikely to guess a password like this.”

Reports from Hadi, Reza Ali and Mariam Sherba are shared on page 2 on this newsletter. As parents please take CYBER SAFETY seriously. We do at school and you need to, at home.

We recommend:
* children use their devices in a public place at home eg lounge room and not bedrooms
* parents are ‘friends’ on their children’s social media
* parents become aware of the contacts their children have on social media
* parents report Cyberbullying or inappropriate online behaviour to the Police
* parents understand the ages that children should be before using violent, graphic or ‘adult’ social media

Playford College wants our students to be safe at school and home! A parent workshop on Cyber Safety will be conducted soon.


Chris Riemann


Cyberbullying … continued from page 1

“Salam Alaikum, my name is Raza and I am writing my experience of two police officers from the Salisbury police station. The whole time I was listening closely due to the fact of myself being 13 years of age and having social media. The thing that I had to do was make all my accounts private; that was the main thing I learnt. I know about common sense which is what you need to stay safe.” – Raza Ali Yr 7

“I learnt that Social Media can be really dangerous including posting pictures and messaging people that are most likely to fake an age and many other things. The SA Police visited our school on Monday 20th May and Alisha and Jamal taught us many things that we didn’t know about social media. For example, you never know who you’re talking to. You might be talking to a 60-year-old. We also learnt that posting videos and photos can lead to court and into a police record. They also taught us that we should have strong passwords which are called passphrase which contains 4 words combined into one long phrase. The reason behind having a long password is so hackers do not easily guess your password. Alisha and Jamal also told us not to use our personal details in passwords and usernames.” – Mariam Sherba Yr 7

” In my opinion the presentation was very good because I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know about before. It taught us about keeping ourselves safe instead of being sorry. It taught us some tricks that would keep us safe online like reading the agreement before clicking accept and not knowing what you are accepting. We also learnt the story of a 13-year-old girl that texted who she thought was a 13-year-old boy for 18 months. After these 18 months she wanted to meet him so they set up a meeting. She went to the area but found no one. Suddenly, a 50-year-old man attacked her from behind and pushed her face into the sand! Unfortunately, she passed away there. Another thing we learnt is more of a social media kind of thing. We need to have strong passwords so absolutely no one can possibly guess them. This needs to be a mix of letters and numbers and nothing to do with your personal details; for example, if I made my password my first name then the year I was born, that wouldn’t be very strong because anyone could guess it. You can make it your favourite colours and your 2 favourite video games. That would be a strong password” – Hadi Makki Yr7


All the students who have made great choices and followed the Playford Way had their names put in a container last week. As names were randomly drawn out, the following children and their families benefited.
1. $50 uniform voucher from LOWES (Romeesa Ali, Jamila Abed and Banoo Hussaini)
2. 3 students received 3 free ice-lolly
3. 2 students received one lesson free voucher to be negotiated with their teacher.

Congratulations to all Playford College students who continue to make good choices.

Y1 on their Excursion to the Art Gallery

The year 1 students went to the South Australian Art Gallery on Friday the 17th of May. They were able to view the John Quilty exhibit and then got to create their own portrait inspired by the art work. The students also had a tour of the permanent exhibits and were able to touch, see, smell and hear things to create a sensory experience.

Recounts from NAPLAN

Students in year 3, 5, 7 and 9 sat the NAPLAN tests on 15th, 16th and 17th of May. Below are their recounts from the experience:

“Before the test I was very nervous but when Wednesday came, I was not nervous any more. The math test was pretty easy for me with lots of fun. The reading one was a bit hard.” Rubaba Ewaz Ali

“I found NAPLAN kind of hard but the math test was a bit easy. The English test was easy with lots of fun.” Zahra Asadi

” I’m a Year 3 and NAPLAN is coming and I get really shy. I think it’s so hard and now that it’s finished I’m so happy.” Daniel Jafari

“In NAPLAN I guess I like reading but numeracy was way easier so… I like all NAPLAN tests but when I get older I know it’ll be way, way harder.” Arozoo Mohammadi

“I love NAPLAN because it’s new to me and there’s a moment of silence.” -Armaan Shah

“I loved NAPLAN because it was really exciting for me, and after that I felt smarter.” Wasee Haidari

“I like NAPLAN because it’s new to me & I like tests and especially NAPLAN.” Maqbul Shojayie

“NAPLAN was fun and I tried my best and I feel happy about it. Reading and Writing was a little bit hard but not the Math one because Math is my favourite subject.” Neda Sayedi

“I felt ready. I felt fresh. I felt good. While I was writing NAPLAN, I felt it was hard but I can do it.” Yassamin Mohammadian


English Development Classes

  • Together we plan to offer this course.
  • Every Thursday at 1:30 pm for 90 minutes.
  • Every Thursday at 5:30 pm for 90 minutes.
  • Parents will be enrolled for English Development for NO FEES if they have a Centerlink/Health Card.
  • If you are interested please contact Shafaq in the front office or ring 82523088.


Playford College Calendar

29th Student free day

5th Eid Holiday
10th Public Holiday
24th GrowUpSmiling programme starts

3rd Student Reports are handed out
5th Last Day of Term