1 June 2018

Salam alaikum.

1: From the Principal

In the last newsletter I challenged you

to look at what your children

are doing on their electronic devices.

This week I have excellent news.

Playford College has taken out

a subscription for three

wonderful educational programs.

Reading Eggs is designed for students

from Reception to Year 6.

MathsSeeds is for children from

Reception to Year 2 and

Mathletics is for students

from Year 3 to Year 8.

These programs will work

on Apple or Android devices.

Students have been given

log-ins for the programs they can use –

if they have forgotten their log-in

they should speak to their teacher.

These programs are fantastic

for our students –

it helps to support what they

are learning at school,

and they can continue with

these at home –

they can access these programs

anywhere and anytime on their devices

– so long as they have internet access.

Help your children to improve

their reading and their mathematics

by insisting they spend some

time on these programs –

they are challenging and fun –

and our children will be learning.

2: School Closed

because of the Nights of Destiny,

Playford College will be closed from

Monday 4 June right through to Friday 8 June.

The school will also be closed on

Monday 11 June

because it is a public holiday.

Eid Al Fitr could be

Friday 15 June or Saturday 16 June

– if it is on the Friday,

the school will be closed.

3: School Uniform

Parents are reminded that

the winter uniform must

be worn during

Terms 2 and 3.

Some things to consider:

there are 3 uniforms –

do not mix and match items –

it is not acceptable

sports jacket only goes

with sports uniform –

do not wear with winter uniform

sport shoes only with sports uniform

the blazer IS a compulsory

part of the Playford College uniform

Pictures below:

Girl’s winter uniform

Boys and Girls winter with blazer

Sports Uniform

The uniform policy can be viewed and downloaded from the school website:


4: Can Drive for Anglicare Elizabeth Mission

– students from the Social Justice

Committee are organising a can

drive to collect food that

can be donated to homeless people.

Anglicare Mission is just one

of many charities that work

hard to help less fortunate people.

Homeless people are at record

numbers in Australia.

The social justice committee

is asking students to bring full,

unopened cans of food to school,

where it will be collected and

then presented to Anglicare Mission

in Elizabeth to share with the homeless.

Examples of cans that can

be donated include tins of tuna,

baked beans, sweet corn, tinned fruit.

This is only a suggestion –

there are many different cans

that can be donated, but

the important thing is to

donate food cans that have a long life.

This way the food can be

eaten straight away, or some time later.

5: Next Newsletter

will be Friday 15 June.

Fi aman Allah (swt)

Regards and du’as

Rainer Mayer


Around the School:

Miss Mayer’s class has started

a topic on food and has planted

a crop of winter vegetables.