22 June 2018

Salam alaikum.

1: From the Principal

I have encouraged our community

from the very first day

to make sure their children come

to school dressed in the

right school uniform.

We have a set uniform,

and it is an expectation from the school –

it is not optional. We are now

a year and a half into the life of the school,

and families have had time and

opportunity to obtain the right uniform.

Families have been asked

not to send children to school with a combination,

such as winter uniform mixed with sports uniform.

However, there are still a number of students

coming to school not dressed in correct uniform.

This is disrespectful to the expectation

of Playford College, and to the families

who make sure their children wear the correct uniform.

I am announcing a grace period

until the end of this term.

However, from the beginning of Term 3,

children who do not adhere to the uniform policy

may be sent home.

I would also like to point out

that the emerging trends of

colouring student hair and haircuts

with large shaved sections are not consistent

with Playford College’s expectations

and are not acceptable. I ask parents to take control

and support the school in these issues.

Do not send your children to school

with artificially coloured hair.

With haircuts, styles should have a 1 or a 2 as a minimum –

please avoid styles that have large sections

of the head shaved and then contrasted with long hair.

2: Can Drive

thank you for all of the donations –

the can drive has now finished

and we will take many, many cans (around 370!)

to Anglicare, who will distribute

them to the less fortunate.

Have a look at the class sculptures

, class by class, on the School Stream newsletter.

3: – Visitors

we often receive visitors,

who have had heard about Playford College

and come along to see how

much has happened in such a short time.

We thank our visitors,

for their prayers and their best wishes.

4: Drop Off and Pick Up

School starts at 8.55am,

and students should be at

school ten minutes before that time,

to be ready when the bell goes.

The school day ends at 3.25pm and

supervision finishes at 3.45pm.

Parents should pick up

their children by 3.45pm.

If running late, please notify the front office.

5: Crazy Hair and Scarf Day

raised around $160 which was

donated to the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

6: Next Newsletter

will be Friday 29 June.

Fi aman Allah (swt)

Regards and du’as

Rainer Mayer


Around the School:

Check out the photos on School Stream! It’s free to download.

Camp Quality shared about cancer

and how to treat people

who might have cancer;

staff got into the swing of

Crazy Hair and Scarf Day;

cans for Anglicare –

classes made can sculptures;

the winner was Year 2!;

Visitors to Playford College;

students receiving prizes from

Illumination Department;

Winners and commendations from an art competition;

more visitors hear about Playford College and come for a tour.