23 March 2018

Salam alaikum.

1: From the Principal

the first Parents Committee meeting

for 2018 was held this week.

There was a good turn out

and some good conversations

were had. The Parents Committee

is open to all families of Playford College –

the committee has 2 main purposes.

The first of these is to create events

for the school that help bring the

Playford College community together.

The second is to create events that

help to raise money for the school.

The committee is encouraged to

raise money and to save it for

special projects that the Parents Committee

would like to see happen,

in consultation with the Principal.

While there are elected members of the committee,

ALL Playford College parents and relatives

are encouraged and invited to support this group.

Several events have already

been identified, and

planning is underway.

I have created a new section in

Schoolstream called Parents Committee.

The minutes from the meeting

will be posted here,

along with other information that

the Committee would like to

inform school families about.

2: Parent – Teacher Interviews

– these interviews will be held on

4 and 5 April and are compulsory

– it is very important that

parents and teachers get together

to discuss the progress of their children.

Interviews are set to be

15 minutes long,

and notices will be sent home

indicating your interview times.


3: CORRECTION to Assembly

– Week 10 Assembly was incorrectly

attributed to Year 1.

This is incorrect.

Please note that Week 10 assembly

will feature Reception classes.

Parents are welcome to join us

at assembly time – held

in the assembly hall on Fridays,

usually at 2.50pm.

Please note –

due to our Privacy Policy,

no photos or videos – thank you.


4: Swimming

swimming lessons will happen in Week 11.

Playford College has exclusive use of the pool

– see picture.  The pool has blinds

that roll down and make it a very private pool

and only Playford College students and teaching staff

– school and pool –

will be there to supervise

and keep the children safe.

Reception to Year 2 children

will go together in the morning.

The next session will be

the boys from Year 3 to 8,

and the girls from Years 3 to 8

will use the pool in the afternoon sessions.


5: Data Collection

– it is very important that

the school can collect

up to date information

about its students and their families,

so that we can better serve our community.

Some of this information is required

by educational authorities,

such as the occupation and education levels of parents.

I can assure the privacy

of this information is maintained,

and the authorities seeking this information

are interested only in understanding

the what, not the who.

Playford College staff will be seeking

to gather this information to

ensure that its data collection is

complete and up to date.

They may contact families asking for this information.


6: School Closures

– please note Playford College will

be closed on the following days:

Friday 30 March – Good Friday public holiday

Monday 2 April – Easter Monday public holiday

Last day of school

– Friday 13 April –

normal finish time of 3.25pm


7: Enrolments – 2018 and 2019

 It is possible to start at Playford College

during the year-

for example, at the start of Term 2

or Term 3. There are spaces

in most classes for children

to start in Term 2 of this year.

Families thinking about

next year should contact the school


to make sure they will

secure a position for their children in 2019.


8: Coles Sports for Schools Vouchers

– thank you for your support.

Our PE teacher, Mr Jackson,

has informed us that he has

sent in 4 large bags of vouchers already.

The program closes in 2 weeks,

so if you have any vouchers

please hand them in before

the end of the term.


9: Harmony Day

– almost 40 parents joined us

as the whole school celebrated harmony Day.

All classes made presentations and

the overwhelming theme was one of

peace, acceptance, and understanding –


Many thanks to the Harmony Day committee

– it was a great day,

and hopefully a reminder of what

we should aim for, each and every day.


10: Around the School

– Students have been attending a lot of excursions

– Year 6 went to the Maritime Museum,

Year 2 to the Adelaide Oval,

Year 1 to the Adelaide Fire Station

and we even had the police in

to show our younger students

the sort of things our police men and women do.


11: Next Newsletter

will be Thursday 29 March

– Friday is a public holiday

and the school will be closed.


Fi aman Allah (swt)

Regards and du’as

Rainer Mayer



 Around the School:

The Harmony tree;

We come from 20 different countries;

acknowledging ANZAC Day;

lots of excursions including

  a visit to Port Adelaide and the Maritime Museum;

the police visit Playford College

and we visit Adelaide Fire Station.