6 July 2018

Salam alaikum.

1: From the Principal

After an extremely busy

start to the year,

Term 2 was a time to

get to know our students

a little better.

There have been many meetings

held with parents,

different programs of

support have commenced

and our students have been

engaged in their camps program.

Ramadan has come and gone,

as has Eid –

now we come to the close of term 2,

and on behalf of our staff and myself,

I would like to wish every family

a safe holiday period.

We now have a two week break

and school resumes on

Monday 23 July at 8.50am.

I would also like to

take this opportunity,

on behalf of school community,

to farewell Mrs Heather Turner,

who has been with Playford College

since we first opened our doors

in January last year.

We will miss Mrs Turner,

but we remain thankful for the

time she was with us,

and wish her every success

and blessing in her future roles.

School reports are

being sent home

with the children today.

Reports for students

who are absent today

will be kept at school

and can be picked up from school.

Reports will not be posted home.

2: From the Deputy Principal

– Curriculum Matters

a reminder to parents/caregivers

that we encourage the following programs;

Mathseeds Reception to Year 2;

Mathletics Year 3 – Year 8;

Reading Eggs Reception – Year 6.

Encourage your children to

access them at home 3 times a week!

Year 7/8 Reports

Middle school reports are

in a different format to

the Primary School reports

reflecting the assessment

criteria for each subject

Robotics / Coding

we are pleased to announce

that our curriculum program

will include a Robotics/ Coding

program in Term 3 and Term 4.

Our Primary students will

enjoy using Bee-Bots

and our Middle School (7-10) will

be using Arduino.

3: Bus Number 5!

Due to demand and increased enrolments

I have outsourced for

another bus to join

the four buses we already have

. There will be 5 routes,


from the beginning of Term 3.

The 23 seats have already

been allocated to families

who have been on

the waiting list

and also for some new families

who are joining the school in Term 3.

4: Term 3 Fees

invoices will be sent out

in the first week of Term 3.

More and more families are

moving to direct debit –

no extra fees are charged by the school –

why not consider using

this convenient method to make

regular automatic payments of your school fees?

5: Drop Off and Pick Up

School starts at 8.55am,

and students should be at school

ten minutes before that time,

to be ready when the bell goes.

The school day ends at 3.25pm

and supervision finishes at 3.45pm.

Parents should pick up

their children by 3.45pm.

If running late,

please notify the front office.

6:  Casual Clothes Day

today raised around $186.20

which will be used for the

school’s STEAM



7: Term 3 Uniform

a reminder that uniform

for term 3 is

winter uniform

and also the sports uniform.

Please do not mix and match the uniforms.

8: Latitude

Our senior girls enjoyed

a team building day at

Latitude this week.

They worked together to

build upon their teamwork skills,

communication and friendships.

As part of this exercise,

each girl was given the

challenge of spending time

with another girl who

they didn’t really know.

They worked together to overcome

obstacles including rock-climbing

and completing the skywalk.

It was wonderful to see

the encouragement and cooperation

amongst the girls as we strive

towards developing a positive relationship

within our middle school.

9:Please note

from next term there will

be significant changes to

kiss and drop and parking

on school grounds.

A separate newsletter will

be coming out explaining the changes.

These changes are coming

into place for the safety

of our students,

which will always be

a high priority for our school.

10: Next Newsletter

will be Friday 27 July.

Fi aman Allah (swt)

Regards and du’as

Rainer Mayer


Around the School:

Check out the photos on School Stream!

It’s free to download.

Children enjoyed

casual clothes today;

at assembly;

Well done! to macLit participants;

farewell to Mrs Turner;

Senior students and staff at Latitude for team building