Dear parents and caregivers,

Today’s post is regarding the following points:

There are around 70 out of over 350 students at School. The Board supports the staff and therefore next week (Monday 30th) all students will be learning online.

We strongly recommend that all students stay at home and are supervised by their families and do their online work provided by our teachers.

Playford College remains open for families in essential services e.g. nursing or pharmacy or when both parents are working or were single parents need to be at work. These students will be welcome at Playford College where these students will also be doing the same online tasks as the students at home.

Teachers will be at School planning the online learning and will not be directly teaching the students who have to be at School. SSOs will be at school preparing for MiniLit and MacqLit lessons.

From Monday the 6th of April, the Minister of Education of SA has declared that all students will commence their holidays and Playford College does not expect students to complete school work during this time. Teacher’s will still be at school planning for online learning if all schools do not re-open in Term 2 due to coronavirus.

If families are concerned with any of these issues please contact either your teacher directly or the school and we will be very happy to support you. We anticipate Playford College will re-open on A-pril the 27th unless the government decrees otherwise.

In regards to coronavirus please be reminded:

  1. It is illegal to have any community gatherings with more than 10 people
  2. Please practice social distancing
  3. Continue good hygiene like washing your hands or using hand sanitizers were relevant.
  4. Keep safe

Playford College staff have been outstanding, dedicated, visionary this week as they have maintained classes while also communicating home or distance learning. We are very proud of their enthusiasm and devotion to the children in their care.