Dear Parents/Caregivers,


Term 1 is coming to an end and it is essential for parents, teachers and students to sit together to evaluate the Term, celebrate the different learning opportunities and highlight students’ strengths and weaknesses. We will be discussing with you ways to support your children to grow as successful, resilient and independent learners. Research has proven that the more communication we have between parents and teachers, the better outcomes are reflected on students’ achievements.

This year, Playford College would like to make the process of booking Parent/Teacher interviews smooth and hassle free, so we made the decision to complete this process online. We will be using an app called PTO. Parents will be expected to either use the app or alternatively use the link to access booking times and select teachers’ names.

If you will be using the app, you need to download it from the app store/google play for free. The logo of the app looks like this            .

Next, you will be required to enter our school code which is cupy9. Your login details, attached on the slip above, will then be required. If you wish to log on via the website, the following link is then needed with the same login details:

Full instructions are provided to you after log in. Please note the following points:


  • When you log on, the system displays only your own child/children.
  • You will only see time slots that are available at the time you are using the system.
  • When you have made all the bookings you require, you can download or email a report of your bookings in time.
  • If you see this symbol  displayed alongside the class name, it means this teacher recommends that you book an interview.
  • If you encounter any problems using PTO please contact the school office on 08/82523044


Please note; using this method will save time to collect data, will reduce clashes between interviews and will save paper in this process which helps the environment.

If you need help booking the interviews, please feel free to call the College or alternatively come in and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Please note, email addresses make the booking process even easier. If you do not have an email address yet, please create one at your earliest convenience or come to our front office and we will help you.

With Blessings,

Chris Riemann & Racha H.Makki