Playford College Parents Committee

General Meeting  21 March 2018


Mr Mayer welcomed everyone to the meeting.

A thought – at these meetings, could a member from the community open with sura al Fatihal?


Jawad Haidari; Mahammad Abdullahi;

Zahra Khanum; Zarina Hassan;

Bakhtawar Hossaini; Racha Makki;

Sarah Ahmad; Saeeda Ibrahim;

Abas Ajez; Said A Hussaini;

Muhammad Raza; Sheikh Idrees;

Hawra Al Hakim; Rainer Mayer


Tahira Abdullah


Copies of the minutes from the August 2017 meeting

were handed around and adopted as presented.


Mr Abdullahi thanked Sheikh and Mr Mayer

for a wonderful result in 2017.

Great position for the school to be in

after only one year.


Principal talked about growth

from 2017 to 2018 which

is significant – from 106 to 226.

This led to conversation about

the Master plan – Mr Mayer explained

that he has made an application

for a grant and if successful,

we will build 8 classrooms during 2019

in readiness for 2020.

He indicated enrolments should

rise to around 250 this year,

but he only expected 300 to 320 students

next year because we will only

have 14 classrooms (this year we have 12).

Mr Mayer asked if there

were any questions relating

specifically to his report,

or any other items.

It was asked if the school

would develop and run after school activities –

Mr Mayer replied that it has

not been possible until now,

and that even now we have

90 students leaving at 3.30pm on a bus,

so there are things to consider.

Mr Mayer mentioned that

a longer lunch period this year is

an attempt to try clubs

– eg art club already running.

Homework  a question in 2 parts –

one was when considering secondary students

and all of the books they cart around,

to have for purchase a

school bag with wheels.

The other with direct reference

to homework was a request

to slowly increase the homework

up the years so that there is

not a big jump from primary into secondary.

There was a question

if the school had plans for a canteen –

Mr Mayer explained that many

other school had either closed

or outsourced their canteens

because they were losing money –

this meant it was unlikely that

Playford would be opening up a

canteen any time soon.

Mr Mayer indicated that he would

like to discuss with local businesses

the possibility of providing a lunch menu

once a week or even twice a week,

but doing it in a way

that was good for the business

but also good for the school.


For 2018 – Mr Mayer indicated

that the main purpose tonight

was to identify and list the activities the

PCPC might get involved with.

He handed to sister Racha Makki,

who brought with her the experience

from her previous school.

Four events on the calendar were identified as PCPC events:

Iftar dinner including children and parents –

such a number will need

off site catering and seating facilities –

need to start now.

Start a Viber or Whats App

group for communication.

Cooking part could be managed easily enough.

Program can be put together by

Illumination Department –

certificates as one example of the program.

Haj Camp –

will need the help of the teachers;

it is thought we could build

on last year’s excellent program.

Plus Fathers day and Mothers day –

a stall at school –

purchase little gifts which are

then on sold to children

as gifts for their parents.

Mr Mayer asked is anyone had

any other ideas they would like

to have on the list,

even if only for consideration.

Muharram already planned

by the Illumination Department.

Need to consider that we

are an Australian school –

there are ten celebrations planned

during the year which will

take place in the lesson after prayer (after lunch).

Ramadan Eid is a suggestion

not decided yet –

but there was some potential here.

Mr Mayer explained that the PCPC had 2 main functions:

1: to plan events that brought the community together

2: to plan events that raised money for the school.

He went on to say that the PCPC

should have its own account

and deposit its profits and

donations into that account.

It was then up to the PCPC

to consider how it would use those funds –

with consultation with the Principal –

for example to fund additional projects

which hopefully would return

the initial investment,

or to identify projects that the PCPC

would like to see in the school.

Mr Mayer suggested that the PCPC

should maintain control and decision making

over the expenditure  of its funds,

but to do so with discussion

with the Principal.


Sister Racha will create a group and

start planning on the first event.


Mr Mayer and the president Mr Abdullahi

will set the dates for the remaining meetings –

one each term, to which all

Playford families are invited.

The May meeting will first have

a quick AGM to elect the executive for the year –

existing members can stand again.

If Playford family members would

like to stand for any of the positions they

are encouraged to speak to

Mr Abdullahi or Mr Mayer

and attend the AGM meeting in May.

Meeting finished at 8.55pm.