Dear parents and care givers

Thank you for supporting your children with their education by encouraging them with their learning, checking homework, providing correct uniform, returning forms, chatting with teachers as needed, attending parent and teacher conferences, reading reports, trans-porting to and from school and everything else! The partnership between home and school is so important in the life of each child and young person.

Parents reading with their children in our foundation class

Term 3 has commenced strongly with new students, a new Foundation class, additional staff and many pre-service teachers from Flinders University. We had a delightful ‘Welcome back’ assembly on Tuesday when our local Member of Parliament, Lee Odenwalder, presented us with his old guitar and witnessed members from the Playford Elizabeth Lions Club donate nearly 1000 books which had been sourced for our students. We are so blessed by the support of Lions who also provided training in the Lions Quest program for all staff on Monday, 15th July. This social and emotional development curriculum will be incorporated into Playford College learning.
During this term Mrs Makki and I are looking forward to:

• Hajj Camp celebrations and teaching on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of August
• Science Week celebrations in the week commencing August 12th
• Book Week celebrations and dress up day on Friday, August 23rd. Community guests reading books and telling stories during Book Week commencing Monday 19th August. We hope Playford       College will also read and tell stories in their home languages.
• The Fathers’ Day stall on 30th August
• The Year 7 trip to Canberra in mid-September

Sadly, we will also farewell Sheikh Idress and his family during Hajj Camp

Thank you again for supporting your children and Playford College.

Chris Riemann

New bus
Buses are essential for a school like Playford College and we are pleased that we have been able to buy another bus.

Welcome to our new Foundation class which has commenced with Mrs Learey. The children are settling in well.

Flinders University Partnership
This term, 3 University students who are studying Social Work, have commenced their school-based learning at Playford College. They are pictured getting to know our students. Our College is delighted that we have Uni students who are studying teaching with us this term as well.

Quran Memorization
Students who are learning Quran memorization are regularly tested. Many are making great progress.
A display in the front office also recognizes achievement in Quran memorization.

Farewell for Sheikh Idress and family
During Hajj Camp we intend to say “Farewell and Blessings” to Sheikh Idrees and we invite as many families as can make it, to come as well. The College will assemble on Thursday 8th August at 2:45pm. Following the assembly, students going home with parents or on the bus will leave and Hajj Camp will continue for the remainder of the school.

Science Week
Teachers are exploring ways to have some interesting Science happenings during the week commencing Monday, 12th August. If you have any ideas or contacts who could add to this exciting week, please contact Chris Fitzgerald on [email protected]

Book Week
During Book Week, which commences on Monday 19th August, we are inviting parents and community members to read a book or share a story with classes throughout the school. We want parents and grandparents to also share books and stories in Farsi, Arabic, Hazhargi and Urdu.

Farsi Classes
Farsi lessons commenced this week and will continue every Wednesday 3.30pm to 5pm.

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) and Parent English course
Playford College is delighted with our partnership with NASC. We are renting their Science laboratory and they are hosting our Parent English Development Course. As a young school Playford College is grateful for this support.

New classrooms and Boys Toilet Block
Our Property Manager, Bryan Dearman, is doing a wonderful job co-coordinating the construction of 4 classrooms where we previously had our Assembly Hall. The College will have one classroom available very soon to move our new Foundation class into this learning space. Bryan will then facilitate the creation of the other classrooms ready for our Foundation and Year 1 classrooms in 2020. A new Boys Toilet block will also be constructed later in 2019.

Master Plan
Playford College has a visionary Master Plan which will commence early next year with Secondary School facilities including Science, Home Economics and Art learning spaces.
We are awaiting news about how much financial support the Federal Government will offer. The Master Plan can be viewed in the Front Office.

Playford College is delighted to welcome our new students:
Abulfadal Al Hamdany
Ali Al-Huchaimi
Amani Abed
Amir Abbas Alhaiery
Amir Ali Safa
Erum Ali
Fatumata Diallo
Hussein Alhaiery
Israa Mohammadi
Jacob Hall
Jamila Abed
Karar Al Hamdany
Mariah Abed
Mohammad Ali Alhaiery
Narges Ahmadi
Reem Alrobyey
Sara Ahmadi
Seyyed Jalaludin Ahmadi
Sianna Hall
Zahra Hosseini

And below are our new staff members
Pheobe Learey
Hannah Sutherland
Tahira Abdullah
Mozghan Danish

Our school has been blessed with the generosity of many people and organizations. We have had many books donated to the school and we have started to buy new books for our library. With the new borrowing system, we are able to keep track of who has borrowed which books and how long they have had them.

We have recently have had many overdue books and some students reporting that their book have been lost or destroyed. To replace these books, we will have to start charging a fee of $10 per lost or destroyed book. This has come into effect from week 1 of this term. Please make sure your students have returned all their books to the school library. Thank you.

•Together we plan to offer this course.
•Every Thursday at 1:30 pm for 90 minutes.
•Every Thursday at 5:30 pm for 90 minutes.
•Parents will be enrolled for English Development for NO FEES if they have a Centerlink/Health Card.
•If you are interested please contact Shafaq in the front office or ring 82523088.

Playford College Calendar

8th and 9th Hajj Camp
12th or 13th Eid Holiday (To be confirmed)
13th Science Week commences
19th Book Week commences
23rd Book Week Dress up day
30th Fathers’ Day Stall

17th Canberra Trip for Yr7