Dear parents and care givers

Term 2 is nearing an end and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our students for working hard during this term.

It was such a busy Term with a lot happening. From our Iftar dinner which was a blessed night that we got to spend with our students, parents and friends, to our Mother’s Day Stall which gave us an opportunity to help our students make their mums feel special.

Naplan week was slightly a stressful week to some of our students and PAT assessments were a good tool for us to get data for our students. The Police Officers Visit that took place in week 4 to educate our students about cyber safety was very beneficial and our book fair was a great success. We also celebrated Big Morning Tea to support the Cancer Council and two of our talented students have participated in the Junior Orator competition. Our Year 8/9 students have visited the Adelaide Zoo as part of their English and Science projects and our Year 4/5 students have enjoyed their Space incursion. Our Year 1’s will highly enjoy their stay back at School tonight and it will be a new experience to many of them. SAPSASA was a highlight of our Term not to forget the joy students had in Sporting School while learning about AFL. Grow Up Smiling GUS have started checking our students’ teeth and we hope that the parents continue to remind their children to brush their teeth all the time.

Our Illumination Team have had a special celebration for the birthday of our Imams, and have conducted an interactive Quiz with prizes won. They are now planning for our Haj Camp in Term 3. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our five stars who have memorised at least one Juz’ of our Holy Quran and we look forward to congratulating more students in term 3.

Reports will go out on Wednesday of Week 10, please sit with your child to reflect on their results with a special consideration to their effort mark as the more effort they put, the better results they’ll achieve.
To conclude, I would like to invite our Parents to have a friendly conversation with their children about how they see themselves and how much they are implementing themselves. We should help students perceive the idea that it’s their behaviour that makes them a better person not their beliefs.

With Blessing

Racha Makki
Deputy Principal

 Grow-up Smiling (GUS) program


An onsite dental check-up service called ‘Grow-up Smiling’ program has been organised to visit the school from the 24th June for a period of up to three weeks.
The Grow-up Smiling (GUS) program was launched by Dental Outreach in 2012 and provides dental health care outreach services to school aged children across metropolitan and regional South Australia. The program helps to improve oral health in children (2 to 17 years of age), through timely intervention, primary prevention and maintenance strategies formulated for children and teens.


This week the year 6 & 7 boys and girls enjoyed their soccer SAPSASA experience against Virginia Primary School. It was fantastic to see the effort and sportsmanship shown by our students.

Yr 2 and Yr 3 Ulebury Excursion

The Year 2’s and 3’s went to the Uleybury School Museum as part of their History unit. They experienced what school was like in the old days and enjoyed using slates, and dipping their nib pens in ink. They also got to see what sort of toys students used to play with.

Parliament House Excursion

“I liked Parliament House because of the green room and the Mace that starts the debate.” Eba Abbas Yr 5

“The mace in the green room was really cool, it was made of wood.” Sohail Hakimi Yr 4

“I liked sitting on the benches in the lower house, the lower house is also called the green room.” Zainab Hosseini Yr 4

“I liked going to Parliament House because it was interesting to learn about the history of the South Australian Government.” Farheen Abbas Yr 4

“The red house was beautiful and historic. I enjoyed learning about the different parties we have and their rules.” Rose Ahmad Yr 5

Ipsha Junior Orator

“Our two students, Redha Rikaby and Zahra Hosseini, attended a speech competition against eight students from other independent schools in Adelaide. The students had to prepare a short speech and were given twenty minutes to prepare a second speech at the event. They did incredibly well and represented the high standard of Playford College. Their teachers, Mr Quadrio and Ms Harris, are incredibly proud of their amazing work in this competition!”

“This term I got to be part of the Junior Orator Competition. The first part was a competition within the school which Redha and I won. Then on Tuesday, Week 8, we went to Pembroke Junior School and competed against other schools. I was very nervous but my friends were very supportive of me and encouraged me. Redha and I didn’t win the competition but we were happy to be part of it and share our speeches with the other students and adults. ”
Zahra Hosseini Yr 4/5 H
“My junior orator experience was amazing, there were so many hard competitors, sadly I did not win but I’m glad I tried my best. Surprisingly I did better than what I expected. I’m just glad I got the honor to go with such amazing teachers, I loved my experience in Ipsha junior orator. ”
Redha Rikaby Yr 6/7M

Library Reminder

Our school has been blessed with the generosity of many people and organizations. We have had many books donated to the school and we have started to buy new books for our library. With the new borrowing system, we are able to keep track of who has borrowed which books and how long they have had them.

We have recently had many overdue books and some students reporting that their book have been lost or destroyed. To replace these books we will have to start charging a fee of $10 per lost or destroyed book.

This will come into effect of week 1 in term 3. Please make sure your children have returned all their books by the end of term 2

Yr 8 and Yr 9 Zoo Excursion

Our year 8 and 9 students went to the Zoo last week. The year 8’s were studying animals to produce an informational report, while the year 9 students generated inquiry questions for a project about Biomes and Food security.
The students also attended a session run by the Zoo Educators where they got up close with a Blue-tongued skink.

Both Minilit and Macqlit programs have finished for the term overall great progress across the school. The students have worked hard. Thank you to all staff involved for working with the students and supporting them in improving their literacy skills. It will resume in term 3.

• Together we are offering this course.
• Every Thursday at 1:30 pm for 90 minutes.
• Every Thursday at 5:30 pm for 90 minutes.
• Parents will be enrolled for English Development for NO FEES if they have a Centerlink/Health Card.
• If you are interested please contact the front office on 82523088.

Playford College Calendar
17th 4/5 space incursion
18th Junior Orator competition
24th GrowUpSmiling programme starts
20th, 27th Sporting School (AFL)

3rd Police visit to year 8
4th Sporting School (AFL)
5th Last Day of Term