Celebrating Term 2 at Playford College!

The College is very grateful to our dedicated and hard working staff for delivering an excellent teaching and learning program for all students in Term 2. They deserve a well earned holiday.
We are sad to say ‘Goodbye’ to Nathan Quadrio, our Year 6 teacher who is leaving due to family reasons. We wish him every blessing in the future.
We also want to thank our students for an impressive term and the reports families received this week celebrated much learning progress. The College is always grateful to the Board for their time and hard work with their oversight of school life and vision for future growth.

Chris Reimann and Racha Makki

The progress with Qu’ran Memorization has been excellent with many students achieving strong results.

We are pleased with our new Sports Shed Storage.

Students crossing Woodford Road with teacher supervision at lunchtime play on the oval


2PL this term have been keeping in contact with elder Australians in retirement homes via Zoom.

Year 5/6F were enjoying buddy class with FB students!

Art Lessons with clay were very popular in Year 3/4H. They created their own clay figures.

We were grateful for our Flinders University Social Work, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology colleagues for supporting so many of our students.

We are grateful for the donation of trees and shrubs from Playford Council.

Highlights from Term 2!

Year 7/8 E met this week with their buddy class 2FL. Meeting with younger students gives our middle school a great opportunity to gain leadership skills that will help them into the future.

Hands on maths activities in 2PL! This included an obstacle course using position and location.

Literacy learning in FR! We are delighted in the way Literacy at Playford College is progressing so strongly!

Literacy Activities by 1/2A – matching lower case and upper case letters, sentences, vowel hunting and matching words to pictures.

Maths Investigation – 1/2A built a tower using 12 cubes, 2 cones and 6 shapes that roll.

This term our Playgroup has began and children and parents have enjoyed getting to know one another!

Parents and their children during our Playgroup time went on an excursion to Fremont Park this week!

Children and families were overjoyed, they shared fruit, helped each other on the playground. They noticed dry leaves on the ground and counted ducks in the pond. Some said “Look! Baby Duck! Mummy Duck and Daddy Duck!”

During Design and Technology in Middle School skills with soldering have improved. The students created LED torches.

Fences have been erected and our new gates will be ready after the holidays.

The site has been prepared for the Junior Primary Playground and will commence during the holidays.

Many students graduated from the Macqlit intensive English lessons this term.


The Illumination Team with the guidance of Mr. Al-Zubedi has commenced ‘faith leadership opportunities,’ for volunteer students. We will learn more about the Custodians next term.

Sheikh Ali delivered his Qu’ran lessons via Zoom to groups of students because he was confined to NSW during the Coronavirus.

This term Year 3/4H had shared their learning of pet stick insects with all the Junior Primary students and other groups.

Students in 3P picking up litter to make our Playford College environment cleaner.

Year 5/6F were visited this term by Lee Odenwalter, a politician for the Labor party.

Year 4E students worked in Science putting out fires by mixing bicarb soda and vinegar. The class made a few designs with plastic bottles and arranging how the ingredients would mix.

FB this term has been working on their IT skills as well as Phonics and Literacy.

P.E for our Foundation classes this term in practicing their hoola-hoop skills as well as learning to create sand castles.

Our captains have been busy hosting assemblies and special guests this term! These guests include Mayor Glenn Docherty, State MP Lee Odenwalder and Senator Alex Antic.

In Year 7F, students worked on anatomy and geology during Science this semester.

We are grateful to families who supported the College so well with returning students to school quickly this term and helping with online learning in the first week.

We appreciated the student led canteen team adding treats to the students lives.

Students in Year 8 learned to work out profit, loss and percentage when ‘shopping’ with Mr Zamini this term.

Students in Year 5 & 6 have been learning about systems of Government including local, state and federal, as well as sharing migration stories.


We also appreciated the student/parent/teacher interviews on the Night of Destiny.

Playford College Calendar

3rd End of Term 2
27th Photo Day
29th Hajj Day
31st Eid Al Adha (Student Free Day)
11th: Eid Al-Ghadir
17th Science Week
18/19th Year 1/2 Camp
Website: www.playfordcollege.sa.edu.au

Students will come to school on Tuesday the 21st of July as a Student Free Day is on the 20th.