Dear parents and caregivers,

Welcome to Term 3! We have commenced with a record number of students as another 10 children join the College. Some of those families have enrolled their children on the recommendation of current families and so we are always grateful for your support in the wider community. Thank you too for your support with homework, providing correct uniforms, reading School Stream, Class Dojo, Facebook, notes and other communications and keeping in touch with teachers as needed. We hope you were able to celebrate significant learning progress with your children in recent student reports.
Already this term we have sent home curriculum overviews, taken photos of each student and staff member, welcomed everyone at assemblies and celebrated Hajj. Further plans in Term 3 include:
• Excellent teaching and learning engagements
• Fun Middle School electives
• Celebrating learning at assemblies
• Faith celebrations with the Illumination team
• Science Week involving lots of experiments
• Interesting connections with buddy classrooms
• The colourful parade during Book Week
• Pastoral Care after school on Wednesday afternoons
• Farsi lessons after school on Mondays
• Student led or 3 way conferences
• A Year 9/10 camp on Kangaroo Island
• The Fathers’ Day stall
and so much more!

I hope you have a wonderful Eid Al-Ahad and each Playford College family takes all the recommended safety precautions with coronavirus.

Chris Riemann

Did You Know?

Playford College is blessed to have 10 new students in our school family.
We welcome:
• Saiedah in class FB – Foundation
• Syed Aqeel in class FR – Foundation
• Nisar in class 1J – Year 1
• Sanigbeh (Natouma) in class 2PL – Year 2
• Mohsin in class 3/4H – Year 4
• Rabbia in class 3/4H – Year 4
• Zakir Hussain in class 5C – Year 5
• Shayan in class 5C –Year 5
• Moslem in class 5/6F – Year 5
• Ali in class 9/10C – Year 9
and their families. We are sure they are settling into their new school successfully.

Desks and Books
The College was pleased to receive desks and books from a number of schools recently. Many of the books included class sets of novels which is very helpful.

Artificial Turf
Thank you Board for sponsoring the new turf area which is already so popular with students. It is a welcome improvement to the College.

New Staff
The College is delighted to welcome Mrs Melissa Emmett as our new Year 6 teacher. Mel has taught for over 15 years in a variety of schools in South Australia, Victoria and Canada. Her heart for children, teaching experience, creative ideas and pleasant manner is already being appreciated by students and staff.

Although she was with us late last term, we are delighted that Miss Tammy McMillan has increased her time this term. Tammy will continue to share the Year 3 class with Mr Paterson but also teach PE and Maths. She is well qualified to teach PE because she has represented Australia in Softball and Baseball international competitions.

The front fence is now complete and the electronics to make the sliding gates move will be installed soon. Once this work is finished we will explain how the gates will work to our parent and student community.

Many of our MacqLit students have graduated from this intensive English course and will now be supported in their classrooms. The College congratulates the students for their determination to learn English and our excellent educators who have taught the lessons so well. Students in MiniLit are also making pleasing progress.

Zoo Snooze
Preparations are well under way for our Year 2 students to have a sleepover at the Zoo. The children love this opportunity to see animals with guides without all the general public being around.

Annual Report
The 2019 Annual Report can be found on the Playford College website. This report highlights many of the achievements and progress of our young school. Visit

Sheikh Ali
Sheikh Ali continues to provide his lessons via Zoom from Sydney where he is stranded because of the coronavirus and border restrictions.

It has been pleasing to see so many students borrowing books from our Library. The College invested extra finances recently to increase the number of books and resources to support reading.

Learning Support
Our SSO team do incredible work with supporting MiniLit, MacqLit, classroom learning, attending excursions and small group engagements. A wonderful learning conversation is captured in this photo.

Engaging learning
Our Year 7 and 8 students are currently learning about landscapes, landforms and compass directions using the vast continent of Australia. Working in groups, students are very engaged.

Basketball focus
PE lessons in upper Primary classes are focussing on basketball this term.

Junior Primary Playground
Our Junior Primary Nature Playground will be constructed during August. Children are very excited!

Wonder Wall in 3/4
At the start of new Integrated Topics many teachers record a Wonder Wall. This wall contains many of the questions that children have about the topic and what they want to know. This process helps to prepare young minds and encourage their interest.

Staff Training
On the 20th of July, the staff focussed on Personalised Learning at Playford College from the ‘lens’ of health types and the motivations, tendencies, behaviour choices and learning needs of each of our unique students. It was a top day of professional learning and has created many interesting conversations.

The Value of Attitude by Mr. Al Zubeidi:
“Our attitude can shape how we interact with the global and local communities, but also how we interact with our families and ourselves. In order to see change in the world, the change must come from within, as God would tell us in the Qur’an that God would not change the state of a people unless they change the state of themselves. This Holy verse can be applied on all the mentioned dimensions, that there will be no Divine intervention on the individual, local and global level unless we change our attitude and take action. I invite us all to reflect on the positive attitude that we can develop so that we may live richer lives in nearness to God. Some characteristics that we can develop with a positive attitude include the previous values that we have done such as patience and growth mindset, however, it must be extended in a manner that is not limited to one or two characteristics but an overall shift in perception that is rooted in the love for God and His beloved ones, being the Holy Prophets and the Ahlul Bayt. I pray that during these Holy days of Dhul Hijjah we are able to change our attitude for the better so that we may receive the Divine Light to guide us out of darkness.”

Playford College Calendar

11th: Eid Al-Ghadir
17th Science Week
18/19th Year 1/2 Camp

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