Parents and Caregivers,
We trust you had some quality time with your children during the holidays. Term 4 promises to be filled with learning, fun and lots of activity. We are looking forward to:
• Celebrating Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) birthday at Unity Day.
• Engaging learning in classrooms.
• The Year 8 camp in Victor Harbor.
• All students having swimming lessons.
• The Year 7 trip to Canberra.
• Teachers summarising student progress in report cards.
• Having whole school gatherings under our new covered outdoor learning area near the Prayer Hall entrance near the end of the year.
• Observing our Junior Primary students playing on their new playground. • Commencing the building of our Secondary School.

• Preparing for our first Year 11 students.
• Introducing our new School Counsellor to everyone. We will introduce Mardiya Jawad in the next newsletter.
• Excursions to support classroom learning.• Further growth of the excellent Playford College Hub.• The official

opening of all our projects.

• Continued progress of our MiniLit and MacqLit students.
The staff enjoyed further insights into the uniqueness of each student at our Personalised Learning workshop on Monday and we hope that this information will further enrich the learning at our College.



Chris Riemann & Racha H. Makki
Principal & Deputy Principal

Kangaroo Island Camp

Year 9/10C embarked on a very exciting camp to Kangaroo Island in Week 9.

“On the 15th of September we set on the road with four wheels to Kangaroo Island. As we arrived at the ferry at Cape Jervis, the waters were calm and the ferry had a smooth trip to the island. The following day we enjoyed our visit to the seals’ home (Seal Bay) and saw many birds in the care of a person who presented a show called Birds of Prey.” Mustafa Hussaini (9/10C).
“On day three of our camp we went to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. We also went to visit a lovely family’s farm on this day, and the last thing we did was CFS visit. I personally really liked the farm visit.”

“On the last day of our camp we woke up really early, got dressed, packed up, and cleaned the place where we were staying. All the boys went to drop off the mats they had been sleeping on, then the bus came and picked the girls up. Then we travelled by bus back to the ferry at Cape Jervis.
After the ferry had docked back at Cape Jervis, everyone started feeling a little bit better. We got on the bus and travelled back to school. I really liked this year’s camp, because it was so much fun. We went to some places I have never had a chance to see before, and I was really grateful for it. I would like to thank the school, Mr. Riemann, Mrs. Makki, Miss. Castle, Mr. Zamini, and of course the person who drove us to all of these amazing places, our bus driver, Mr. Yunus, for making the camp such a great experience for the 9/10C.” Sima Najafi (9/10C)

“This CFS visit honoured the firefighters and their hard work in protecting the land and citizens of Kangaroo Island during the fire that destroyed 50% of the island’s land. We gave them a donation to help them on their travels (they’re not traveling anywhere

at all) and we went back to our campsite to rest for the next day.” Mustafa Hussaini (9/10C)




What’s Happening Around the School?

Book Week 2020
















2FL and 7F buddies
We meet every fortnight. Students made smiley biscuits and a fruit salad bowl to celebrate the end of term 3. After that the year 7s helped the year 2s write a procedure to match what they made. Everyone was respectful and worked well as a team.



Book Week Reading
Students from our Junior Primary classes were read to by Federal Member Senator Alex Antic, MP Nick Champion and Mayor Glen Docherty.








Our Playford Hub parent class in computing

We are grateful to Kazim for teaching the parent computing class each week. New parents are welcome.



Mr Riemann showed Senator Antic how government grant money is being used to improve our school, including the new JP playground, safe fencing and the new covered area.



Junior Primary Nature Playground
Our new playground will be opened soon and we know our youngsters are looking forward to this new space.







5/6 Travel Expo
The year 5/6s have been investigating the continents of Europe, North America and Asia. Their travel expo was impressive.









Playford College Calendar
13th – Term 4 commences
19th – Year 8 camp to Victor Harbor commences
11th Rememberance Day
11th Year 7 trip to Canberra commences
10h Last Day of School
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