Excellent learning and even the Governor-General sang!

The recent trip to Canberra by our 25 Year 7 students and 5 accompanying staff created wonderful memories for many years to come.

Our 2020 travellers in front of Parliament House

There were so many highlights and the students’ reflections are included in this special Canberra Newsletter edition. Some of our highlights included:

• The exemplary behaviour and attitude of the students. They were polite, well mannered, interested, cooperative, asked intelligent questions and were a credit to themselves, their families and the College

• Visiting Government House where his Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia spoke to our students about his role for 45 minutes. He asked them questions and they asked him questions and it was a very unique opportunity for Playford College to receive such treatment. Another highlight of our time in Government House was when Mrs Hurley, who also joined in the question and answer time, taught our Year 7 students a fun and happy song. Everybody also appreciated the tour of the magnificent house and grounds.

• The welcome we received at Parliament House. As the first school from outside of New South Wales to visit Canberra since the coronavirus restrictions, we were given the ‘royal treatment’. We were able to watch the Prime Minister in action during Question Time in the House of Representatives which was very interesting for us, observe the passing of bills in the Senate and meet with politicians during a hospitality time. Our local member, Nick Champion, and Senator Birmingham from South Australia spent significant time with us sharing insights about their role and making us feel very special. Our students asked great questions!

His Excellency having one to one conversations with Playford College students

• Understanding democracy, government and our national capital at interesting venues like the National Electoral Education Centre, the National Capital Exhibition, the Museum of Australian Democracy, the National Australian Museum, the Royal Australian Mint and many others.

We were featured on the Canberra ABC News which you can view on the link: and you can read our daily posts on the Playford College Facebook page.

The annual Year 7 trip to Canberra will continue to be a highlight as students see in reality what they learn in their Civics and Citizenship lessons at school.

Thank you Year 7s for helping Mr Fitzgerald, Mr Evans, Miss AlShimari, Mrs Makki and Mr Riemann have such an enjoyable and memorable week.


Chris Riemann & Racha H. Makki
Principal & Deputy Principal

Playford College….Canberra 2020 Reflections

“I really enjoyed meeting the Governor-General and his wife. Learning about the people who designed Canberra and the preferential voting system was really intriguing. His Excellency was such a friendly and lovely person and his smile lit up the room. I feel extremely honoured to have been able to meet the Governer-Gerenal and his wife Mrs Hurley.”

“The thing I enjoyed in Canberra was going to the Governor General’s house and looking at his huge house. One of the surprising things that happened was that the governor general and his wife started singing to us.”





Australian War Memorial

I also enjoyed the Australian War Memorial. We had learned about world wars in lessons and saw the many planes, pictures, and clothes hidden in glass to tell people’s stories. Every place we had visited had its place and were all very spectacular and beautiful.

Inside the Australian War Memorial


Mount Ainslie is a hill with an elevation of 843 metres which overlooks Canberra, We began the tour here to understand how the National Capital was a sheep farm less than 100 years ago.


This beautiful rose garden is next to the Old Parliament House!

“We enjoyed learning about Democracy in Old Parliament House Senate room which was used from 1917 to 1988. Our MP, Nick Champion and Senate Birmingham spoke to us.”

Parliament House
“Canberra was a great experience for me. I learnt a lot there including how the Parliament works. The best thing was when we met the politicians and saw the House Of Representatives in action, with the Prime Minister in it!” Wajahat Syed.
“The thing that I enjoyed the most of Canberra was when we were watching the debate in the Senate. I enjoyed this as it was interesting to see how the politicians communicated with each other and what happens during the debate.”

“At the museum of Australian Democracy, we learned so much and roleplayed voting using the preferential voting system.”

Bricks for Kids
“We had an interesting afternoon learning about Design and Technology using Lego. This was the most fun part of the day and it was very good!”
“We made mosaics with Legos and made Lego creations that move.” Sana Ahmadi 7/8E

National Art Gallery
“The Australian National Art Gallery had many fascinating art pieces, and we could not believe how much “Blue Poles” is valued at! It is valued at 350 million!”
“At National Art Gallery we learnt about indigenous people” Alhur 7/8E

International Flag Display Park
‘We all had great learning experiences at the War Memorial, the Old and New Parliament Houses and I found the international flag display to be impressive!” Mr. Evans

Zone Bowling and Canberra
“I really enjoyed going bowling with my friends. I learnt a lot during our trip. I learnt that Canberra was designed by Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mohony Griffin, in a Canberra design competition. We experienced many new things at the National Zoo and Aquarium. ” Sadaf 7/8E

“We were fortunate enough that our breakfast, lunch and dinner meals were catered for by a local restaurant.”

Brave students at the National Zoo and Aquarium

Previous Prime Minister sat at this desk in the Old Parliament House as they made important decisions about our nation.

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