Playford College….2020 Term 4 Best Moments!

It is the end of the 2020 school year! In this issue of the newsletter we will be showcasing some of our favourite moments throughout the term.

Dear parents and guardians,

We have recently read all of our students’ reports and we are delighted with the learning progress throughout the College. We are proud of our students and very grateful to our dedicated and skilled teaching and support staff who encourage the learning every day.

Without the support of our families who support the learning at home, encourage their children, communicate with teachers and send them to school regularly, the learning would not be so strong.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone around the world with COVID-19 dominating our lives and headlines. The virus restrictions have caused many of us to revaluate what is important in life and we are certainly blessed to be living in Australia with our government financial support during a crisis and the low virus numbers in South Australia. It also reminds us how important education is for our children and reminded parents during the short time of home learning how challenging is the role of a teacher. Around the world there is a new respect for the teaching and teacher support professions.

These challenging and uncertain times have also compromised some of our families with small businesses and we are pleased that the Board has chosen not to increase tuition fees in 2021.

The remainder of this newsletter will focus on some of the highlights during recent events at the College.

Our thanks go the the teaching and support staff who have been a wonderful team during 2020 and richly deserve their school holidays. We are also grateful to the Board members who have been very involved with the planning and financial matters of the College and have been particularly active with all of our very exciting projects and renovations.

Enjoy making memories with your children during the holidays. Reports will go home on Wednesday and Thursday is the last day for students in 2020. We will see you all again on Wednesday, January 27th.


Chris Riemann & Racha H. Makki
Principal & Deputy Principal



Our wonderful Macqlit and MiniLit students graduated this term, thank you to all our MiniLit and MacqLit teachers for their help this year.

New students with their buddies on Visiting Day.

Sports day was full of fun stuff! It never ended!” (Maeda, 2PL)

“On Sports Day, I loved how older students helped with the younger students, especially in supporting their house. The little kids loved the attention they got from the older students.”

We can play with the water play area and swing in the trees!” (Maeda, 2PL)

Our school has undergone many changes this term, including construction and completion of our new nature playground area as well as beginning construction of our COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area). The new nature playground is enjoyed by many.

Students around the school enjoyed swimming lessons with StateSwim! “My favourite part of swimming was floating and splashing each other!” (Zahra, 2PL)

Year 11 students and their parents learn about SACE.

2FL made crowns this term showing their own choices and actions.

Our new teacher teaching a lesson to year 2’s.

5C visited the Central Markets this term! Students were able to experience a wide range of food stalls, beverages and food experiences. “We had an amazing time collaborating and engaging with my classmates during our excursion.” (Samira, 6E)

Celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s birthday on Unity Day involved many invited religious leaders from the community including Shaykh Helmi Bakhour.

The Year 7 Canberra trip was one to remember! We were even interviewed by the ABC. Highlights included meeting the Governor-General and visiting Paraliament House.

During the Year 8 Camp at Victor Harbor many students tried body boarding for the first time.

Playford College donated over $1000 to the Country Fire Service (CFS) to thank them for serving the community of KI.

The Year 9/10 trip to Kangaroo Island included so many fun activities including sand-boarding!

This week our new students and staff members visited the school for a day called Visiting Day. Students were introduced to their teachers for next year and teachers taught in their prospective classes for a portion of the day. Our Principal and Deputy Principal gave a tour of the school to our new teachers, and our wonderful buddies gave tours to our new students!

We are delighted with our new teachers for 2021!

Our new Mathematics department!

Our new Science department!

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