Dear parents and care givers

Thank you for your continued support of your children and Playford College. Our Principal, Chris Riemann is away on vacation and will be back in Term 3.

Playford College had a range of wonderful events including SAPSASA, Ramadan celebrations, Eid morning tea, the Book Fair and Year 8 and 9s enriching their Chemistry learning experiences at the Chemistry lab.

Last week the Playford College staff was delighted to celebrate Eid with a morning tea and a delicious cake made by one of our parents. The cake had a beautiful message “May the noor (light) of this Eid illuminate your heart, mind and soul. May all your prayers be answered. Eid Mubarak!”

We had a successful book week with children buying books and stationery valued at more than $1000, this means that we will be receiving free books from scholastics worth $300.

Playford College has the privilege to work with Northern Adelaide Senior College and be able to provide our parents from different backgrounds with little to no English language ability free English reading and writing classes. 10 of our parents have now enrolled with the Northern Adelaide Senior College and will be started their classes from next Thursday at 1:30 to 3pm. These classes will be 90 minutes long. If you know anyone who is interested in these classes please call the front office to get more information.

Our students from Year 8 and 9 have started using the Chemistry lab at the Northern Adelaide Senior College from week 4 of this term. The students have been performing experiments such as the change of states of water through temperature differences.

Students recall their experiences from SAPSASA on page 2 and page 3 features the Ramadan and Imam’s Birthday celebrations along with the Year 2 and 3 artwork for National Reconciliation Week.

Our students from Year 2 and 3 went on the Ulebury excursion and the Year 4 and 5s enjoyed visiting the parliament house last week. These events will be featured in the next newsletter.

Assalamo Alaikum

Racha Makki
Deputy Principal

During Term 2 we thank Mr Ben Evans for organizing Years 8/9 boys and Years 6/7 girls to have the opportunity to participate in SAPSASA soccer and netball. The boys competition consisted of 2 competitions over 2 days against other schools such as Salisbury East High School and Playford International College.

Last Monday the 6/7 girls competed against Virginia PS and Ingle Farm PS in Netball, this was a great experience for all the students to build self-confidence and team building skills.

In general, during Term 2 the Middle School will have access to specialist sports coaching (AFL and Rugby) whilst the junior primary classes will have specialist basketball coaches coming to teach them in the last few weeks.

Overall, the school has focused diligently on providing students the opportunity to participate in sport and to stay healthy and active. Please read some of the experience the students wrote about SAPSASA.

“I enjoyed to SAPSASA because it was a new experience and because I scored one of the only 2 goals we scored on the day.” Ahmed Al-Hashmi Yr9

“I enjoyed scoring 10 goals in 5 a side. Our team in total scored 28 goals. We should have played better in 11 a side.

5 a side scores:
2-1 loss to Salisbury
1-0 loss to Playford
7-1 won from Garden College
9-0 won from Salisbury High
6-1 won from Pinnacle College
8-1 won from Hope College” – Jaffar Mayyah Yr 9

“I enjoyed SAPSASA mostly because our team played really well especially for our first year.” Seyyed Ali Ahmadi Yr8

“One thing I really enjoyed was playing soccer and playing as a team. We played with Playford International Collefe and we did really good” Murtaza Ahmadi Yr9

“On Monday the 3rd of June we participated in SAPSASA Netball, we played against 3 different schools. One thing I really enjoyed about Netball was the fact that we got to see how other schools played, compared to our school.” Najeeha Zainab Yr 7

“This year we participated in SAPSASA netball, playing against other schools. It was a great experience since we got to meet new people and make new friends.” Angela Rezahi Yr 7

Ramadan and Imams’ Birthday Celebration

In Week 4 we celebrated the birthdays of Imam Hassan a.s. and Imam Mahdi a.s.. The celebration included a recitation by a Year 5 student, a talk about the ethical values of our Imams by Mr Al Zubeidi, tributes by Year 4 and 8 students and a fun quiz. Mrs Makki shared a wonderful new display carpet from a parent in the community who had just returned from karbala. It was a delightful celebration. Here is what one of the students said:

“As I was writing my part of the script I learnt at lot. It was truly a learning experience for me and I gained a lot of confidence by the end. I learnt that when Imam Mehdi (as) reappears there will be 313 companions along side him. Also, Imam Mehdi (as) will travel to Jerusalem to meet Jesus where they will prepare a joint statement together for everyone around the world.” Fauzia J Yr 8

The play was about the view of the future and its about Imam Zaman (as) already come and how people are reacting to the news.

Students reading letters written to Imam Zaman (as) expressing how they feel and they miss him and what they would like to tell him when he is here.

Students answering a quiz about the lecture given by Sheikh Idrees and Brother Abrahim Al-Zubeidi. Our teachers participated as well.

Students created different artwork and wrote messages for National Reconciliation Week to show that we walk together with courage. National Reconciliation Week was initiated in 1996 by Reconciliation Australia to celebrate indigenous history and culture in Australia and foster reconciliation discussion and activities.

Book Fair 2019
One of our students commented about the book fair saying ” It was fun as any other year, except there were newer items, toys and stationery etc. It was perfect for the smaller younger children and intriguing for the older kids. It was an all out nice experience” – Ayaan Banglawala Yr9

“Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can.” -William Feather
We hosted our second successful annual Book Fair set up in the College’s library. All students enjoyed and participated in buying books and stationery.
Big thanks to our Book Fair coordinators for organising such a beautiful Book Fair.

Our students from Year 8 and 9 had their first visit to the Chemistry laboratory at the Northern Adelaide Senior College yesterday. For many students it was the first experience working in a lab. They performed an experiment about the changes of states and temperature that occurs as ice is heated.

• Together we plan to offer this course.
• Every Thursday at 1:30 pm for 90 minutes.
• Every Thursday at 5:30 pm for 90 minutes.
• Parents will be enrolled for English Development for NO FEES if they have a Centerlink/Health Card.
• If you are interested please contact Shafaq in the front office or ring 82523088.

Playford College Calendar
17th 4/5 space incursion
18th Junior Orator competition
24th GrowUpSmiling programme starts
20th, 27th Sporting School (AFL)

3rd Student Reports are handed out
4th Sporting School (AFL)
5th Last Day of Term