Good morning parents and guardians

Playford College News. 17th September 2018.

  1. This Friday, September 21st, the community will be remembering the Day of Ashura and so students will be with their families. Our staff will use the student free day to focus on positive classroom cultures and learning with a South Australian expert.
  2. Families will have received information about parent/teacher/student interviews on 25th, 26th and 27th September. Please confirm your attendance and support your child’s learning.
  3. Thank you for your support with the new Kiss and Drop arrangement. Our children are much safer with car and bus traffic separated.
  4. Thank you for reminding children who access the bus to choose good behaviour for everyone’s safety.
  5. The Reception to Year 4 My Kitchen Project continues today. Please plan to come to the children’s Exhibition on Thursday 27th September between 9:30am and 11:30am.
  6. Mr Dearman continues to prepare the transportable ready for our Year 9 students in 2019. Thank you Bryan.
  7. The last day of Term 3 will be Friday 28th September and school will reopen on Monday 15th October.
  8. Congratulations to Maryam GholanSahi and Redha Rikaby who recited poetry very confidently at last Friday’s Assembly and apologies to Sadaf Hameedi whose name was accidentally omitted from the last newsletter.
  9. The College wants to improve the appearance of our grounds before the My Kitchen Project Exhibition. We are inviting every family to bring a plant or shrub next week on Monday 25th or Tuesday 26th September ready to be planted on Wednesday 27th. The plants could be given to teachers at interviews. The area will be ready and the holes dug and filled with good soil. Staff will assist students plant their donations. We are also inviting parents, grandparents and members of the Community to help us plant on Wednesday. The College has invited many distinguished guests to the Exhibition and we want to be proud of the appearance of our school.

Learning continues to be effective at Playford College and the Reception students loved their time learning about animals at the Humbug Scrub Wildlife Park. Likewise, the Year 5 students learned so much touring Parliament House with our local Member, Lee Odenwalder, and visiting the Museum. Today, our Year 4 students have been blessed with a glorious day as they investigate learning at the Botanical Gardens.

Kind regards

Chris Riemann