Dear parents and caregivers,

We are delighted with the learning progress of the students at Playford College and the range of experiences being offered by our dedicated staff. In particular, we appreciate:

  • the progress of students having intensive English teaching four times a week. Some students have now graduated from the course.
  • amazing recent experiences with inter school sport, Hajj Camp, Science Week, Book Week and Fathers’ Day stall.
  • continuing support from our community friends like the Lions Club, Lutheran Church, Northern Adelaide Senior College, Mobile Library and so many more.
  • the willingness of Sheikh Ali to join our staff team.
  • our new classroom and building plans for 2020.

Playford College has been blessed to grow from 76 to 307 students in two and a half years and now we need to plan classroom spaces for 2020. Therefore, please return the following form by Friday, 13 September 2019Failure to inform the College about the discontinuation of your child’s enrolment in 2020 may incur a fee of 1 full term.

The forms have been sent with the youngest child in your family studying at Playford College.

If you have not received your form please call the school on 82523044.


Playford College