“Can I go to school at 5 o’clock please mummy?”. One of our new students asked his mum if he could come to school much earlier in the day because he is enjoying learning so much. What a delightful reminder about the purpose of school – To LEARN.


Dear Parents,


We are half way through Term 1 and student learning progress continues as our prime focus. Staff members have been:

1.    Assessing the reading capabilities of our Junior Primary children with individual testing of each student. Results are being used to follow up students needing small group and individual support

2.    Reassessing all students from Year 3 and above who were previously supported with one to one assistance in MacqLit and restarting tuition in reading. MiniLit for younger students who need a boost with their reading is also being introduced

3.    Planning in teaching teams is ongoing focussin on  ways to meeting the needs of all learners

4.    Planning camps to Narnu, Hindmarsh Island (Year 2 and 3), Victor Harbor (Year 8 and 9) and the River Murray (Year 4 and 5). These camps will include a wonderful range of activities while complementing the Australian Curriculum learning

5.    Organising good Electives options for our Middle School students, featured in this newsletter

6.    Using our new textbooks to guide standards and expectations

7.    Enrolling in sporting organisations to enable students to participate in inter school competitions

8.    Considering options for extension Mathematics lessons

Playford College is continuing to liaise with many groups including Flinders University, Northern Adelaide Senior College and Playford Lions. We are grateful for the continuing support of volunteers from St Peter’s Lutheran Church.

We are excited that our students can borrow books from the Playford Library mobile service commencing soon and Middle School students have their laptops.

So much progress for a young and fast-growing school.  As this newsletter is distributed. I am enjoying the company of our Year 8 and Year 9 students on the Victor Harbor camp.



Chris Riemann



Quotes from our students about  Electives

Playford College has created a Friday afternoon Elective program for our Middle School students which offers opportunities to learn new skills and have fun. Some of the students were invited to reflect on their Elective experiences thus far.

Cooking Elective “I really enjoyed cooking because Mrs Makki put us in seperate groups and each group did a different task. My group cooked the rice while other groups made salad and cake. With the rice we added beef and it was delicious. After the groups completed their tasks we had a ‘feast’. I’m looking forward to future Cooking Electives”. Maraam Kabi Year 9

Soccer Elective Girls  “I enjoyed the soccer game because of the team work and the effort of all the girls. Mr Fitzgerald taught us how use our head, chest and knee to move the ball. Over 10 girls from Year 6 to 9 are involved in the Soccer Elective”. Fatema Hosseini Year 9

Soccer Elective Boys  “With a new coach we learned and practised a header and how to pass the ball accurately to each other. After learning the skills the coach chose teams and we played a game. He talked to us during the game to improve our passing skills and understanding of the game. It was lots of fun”. Reza Azizi Year 9 .

“It was great to have an experienced coach who was at the Youth Academy for Adelaide United. We practised drills which are used by excellent clubs like Barcelona and I think we benefitted a lot from his drills. Everyone worked together well and I’m looking forward to training more in the future and perhaps making a team for interschool games”. Mohammed Azizi Year 8


Lawn Bowls Elective “Lawn Bowls is really fun. I have learned that the small circle on the side of the bowl has the weight and the bowl curves into the weight. So, when I bowl I aim to the right or left of the white bowl and have to control the strength of the bowl. Ameer won the first Playford Championship but I want to be the Champion next time. Mr Riemann takes us to the Playford Lawn Bowls Club”. Jamil Asadi Year 6

Photography Elective “A small group are learning Photography with Miss Harris. We are have been having fun learning about illusions with photos. We have been taking portraits and different sorts of photos. In the first week we had to use an iPad to take pictures of things in a Scavenger Hunt. It was fun having ideas and sharing them with the group. Miss Harris is interesting and fun”. Zahra Rahimi and Sana Ahmadi.

Cricket Elective “I am having fun in cricket and we even worked out what we will do if we play games against other schools. We practised catching, batting, bowling, wicket keeping and fielding. I have taught other students how to hold the bat correctly because I play for Para Hills Cricket Club. Mr Jacques is a good coach”. Wajahat Syed Year 6

Drama Elective “Mr. Quadrio was funny. We acted out scenes like in a restaurant where there were ‘Oops’ moments and acted a game called Alien Interviews. We became a little more confident because it was a ‘girls only’ class and we are looking forward to producing a play and a movie. It was hard to stop laughing!” Suhailaa Qulzari and Maasoma Mohammadi Year6

Students Learning how to do Wudhu the Prophet (SAWW)’s way

During our lessons in Illumination we have been discussing how we show our love to the Beloved, being Allah s.w.t. One of the first steps of meeting with the Beloved is to be in a state of purity and that is achieved through the ritual wash, the wudhu. We have been looking at the philosophy of why we do wudhu and the Islamic laws relating to the obligatory acts of wudhu. We are also discussing the way the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) would do wudhu, being with a cup. The students will be undertaking this challenge to see if they can also do wudhu with only one cup of water. We encourage families at home to perhaps adapt this philosophy by putting a cup next to the tap and see if they can do the obligatory acts with only a cup. This will not only save water and minimize waste, but will bring us closer to the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) by following his path, the path of purity and cleanliness.

3H planting in the veggie patch as part of our unit of inquiry into farm technology and food production

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