Good afternoon Parents and Caregivers,

How blessed we are to be living in South Australia where the  COVID-19 infection curve continues to flatten. Thank you for your part in keeping everybody safe.

Points covered in the video below:

We are glad that our community has stayed safe over the holidays.

Monday 27th  April, Playford College will be a Student Free day. Students have one more day of holidays.

    • Please collect learning booklets for next 2 weeks.
    • All teachers will be at school planning

Tuesday 28th April

  • School is OPEN for all students but there will be NO BUSES running.
  • Government said, “It is safe to be at school!”
  • Families can choose to either do online learning at home or they can choose to do the same learning supervised at school.

The school will continue with online learning for 2 weeks.

Monday 11th May

  • School will open as usual for Playford College and students will be in their usual classes with their usual teachers
  • Every student is expected at school
  • There will be no support for home learning from 11th May onwards
  • All BUSES WILL BE RUNNING as usual from 11th May.

At School we will continue

  • Washing hands
  • Using hand sanitizers
  • There will be no prayer gatherings for primary
  • No assemblies or excursions or camps will take place
  • Students will be  disinfecting desks etc

Playgroups start again on May 11th. So if you were accessing playgroup at Playford College before you can start again or you will be willing to join as a new family.

We are delighted with the progress of the installation of the new electronic communication system in the School including alarm system, cameras, intercoms, new sound system and so much more as part of the Safer Schools Grant. We are hopeful that the fencing project will start in the very new future and the preparation of the site of the Junior Primary playground is due to to start tomorrow.

Stay safe and enjoy the blessings of Ramadan.